Software practicals

Data handling in SPSS 18

Practical version 3, July 2011 by Joan Corbett, Scottish Centre for Social Research

SPSS Practical - Part 1: Setting up SPSS and initial files [PDF] (17 pages).
SPSS Practical - Part 2: Creating new variables [PDF] (10 pages).
SPSS Practical - Part 3: Adding data to a data file; summary and sources of further information [PDF] (12 pages).
Zipped data files for practical (212 KB, expands to 380 KB unzipped) [Revised]

Data handling in R

Practical version 3, August 2011 by Dr. Duncan Smallman

R Practical - Introduction [PDF] (2 pages).
R Practical - Exercise 1 [PDF] (26 pages).
R Practical - Exercise 2 [PDF] (14 pages).
R Practical - Exercise 3 [PDF] (5 pages).
Zipped data files for practical (481 KB, expands to 1.6 MB unzipped)

Data handling in ArcGIS 9.3

Practical version 3, August 2011 by James Crone, EDINA

Introduction to Practical [PDF] (5 pages).
Exercise 1: Build Geodatabase from input datasets [PDF] (19 pages).
Exercise 2: Derive new datasets from inputs and carry out Multi-criteria analysis in order to identify the fieldwork sites[PDF] (9 pages).
Exercise 3: Use layer files to store Cartographic styling in ArcGIS [PDF] (7 pages).
Exercise 4: Preserve datasets for future use and create metadata records [PDF] (9 pages).
Zipped data files for practical

Data handling in NVivo 9

Practical version 4, August 2011 by Dr. Aikaterini Chatsiou (UK Data Archive)

NVivo Practical - Introduction [PDF] (9 pages).
NVivo Practical - Unit 1: Preparing your Qualitative data for use in NVivo9 [PDF] (19 pages).
NVivo Practical - Unit 2: Managing your data when working in NVivo 9[PDF] (19 pages).
NVivo Practical - Unit 3: Managing your data at the end of your project [PDF] (16 pages).
Zipped data files for practical. (13.1 MB expands to 32.2 MB unzipped)
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