Software practicals

Data handling in SPSS 18

Practical version 3, July 2011 by Joan Corbett, Scottish Centre for Social Research

SPSS Practical - Part 1: Setting up SPSS and initial files [PDF] (17 pages).
SPSS Practical - Part 2: Creating new variables [PDF] (10 pages).
SPSS Practical - Part 3: Adding data to a data file; summary and sources of further information [PDF] (12 pages).
Zipped data files for practical (212 KB, expands to 380 KB unzipped) [Revised]

Data handling in R

Practical version 4, August 2014, authored by Dr. Duncan Smallman, edited by Laine Ruus and Pauline Ward

R Practical - Introduction [PDF] (2 pages).
R Practical - Exercise 1 [PDF] (21 pages).
R Practical - Exercise 2 [PDF] (18 pages).
R Practical - Exercise 3 [PDF] (10 pages).
Zipped data files and script files for practical

Data handling in ArcGIS 10.2

Practical version 4, August 2014 by James Crone, EDINA, edited by Pauline Ward and Stuart MacDonald

Introduction to Practical [PDF] (5 pages).
Exercise 1: Build Geodatabase from input datasets [PDF] (20 pages).
Exercise 2: Derive new datasets from inputs and carry out Multi-criteria analysis in order to identify the fieldwork sites[PDF] (11 pages).
Exercise 3: Use layer files to store Cartographic styling in ArcGIS [PDF] (6 pages).
Exercise 4: Preserve datasets for future use and create metadata records [PDF] (9 pages).
Zipped data files for practical

Data handling in NVivo 9

Practical version 4, August 2011 by Dr. Aikaterini Chatsiou (UK Data Archive)

NVivo Practical - Introduction [PDF] (9 pages).
NVivo Practical - Unit 1: Preparing your Qualitative data for use in NVivo9 [PDF] (19 pages).
NVivo Practical - Unit 2: Managing your data when working in NVivo 9[PDF] (19 pages).
NVivo Practical - Unit 3: Managing your data at the end of your project [PDF] (16 pages).
Zipped data files for practical. (13.1 MB expands to 32.2 MB unzipped)
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