World Values Survey

The World Values Survey (WVS) is a worldwide investigation of sociocultural and political change and explores the hypothesis that mass belief systems are changing in ways that have important economic, political, and social consequences. The project is guided by a steering committee representing all regions of the world, coordination and distribution of data being based at the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan, under the direction of Ronald Inglehart. The WVS builds on the European Values Surveys (EVS) and a total of five waves have been completed  since 1981 allowing comparative analysis.

Spatial Coverage: 
Time Period: 

1981 to latest.

Data Publisher:


Technical specifications, questionnaires and additional documentation including integrated questionnaires and codebook, as well as variable name equivalence tables are available online.


Microdata files in SPSS, Stata, SAS

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet. Microdata files for individual surveys, as well as an integrated European Values Survey/World Values Survey dataset can be downloaded from the World Values Survey web site. The site also provides an online data analysis interface.