Wealth and Assets Survey

Alternative Title: 
Household Assets Survey

The aim of the Wealth & Assets Survey (WAS), a longitudinal survey of a sample of all private households (excluding people in residential institutions and homeless people) in Great Britain, is to address identified gaps in the existing data on the economic well-being of British households:

  • Wave 1, July 2006 - June 2008, 30,595 households
  • Wave 2, July 2008 - June 2010, 20,170 households
  • Wave 3, July 2010 - June 2012

The WAS comprised two questionnaires for each of the households sampled: a questionnaire for completion by the head or partner and individual questionnaires for each member. 

Household level topics included: demographics, relationships, mortgages and the value of household assets. The individual questionnaire  covered economic status, education and employment, business and financial assets and other income, investments and non-mortgage debt, benefits and tax credits, attitudes to debt and saving, pensions, etc.


Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Data Creator: 
Office of National Statistics, Social Survey Division
Time Period: 

July 2006 - latest.

Data Publisher:


UKDA data dictionary, questionnaires, showcards and user guide in PDF format.

See also User guidance documents on the ONS web site.

File Descriptions: 

Household and individual level microdata files.

Data Access: 

An End User Licence (EUL) version of the WAS (waves 1 and 2), which contains less detailed data, is available from the UK Data Archive under SN7215. The Office for National Statistics have provided information on the differences between the standard EUL version and the restricted-access SL version; see the document 'eul_sl_differences.pdf', included with the documentation for SN7215.Access requires only normal registration with UK Data Archive.

An SL (Special Licence) version is available as SN6415. Registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. Additional special conditions of use also apply. See terms and conditions of access for further information.  In addition, the UK Data Service is required to request permission from the depositor prior to supplying the data. Available to UK applicants only.