United Nations Surveys on Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems

The major goal of the United Nations Surveys on Crime  Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems is to collect data on the  incidence of reported crime and the operations of criminal justice systems with  a view to improving the analysis and dissemination of that information  globally. The Survey results will provide an overview of trends and  interrelationships between various parts of the criminal justice system so as to  promote informed decision making in administration, both nationally and  cross-nationally. The site provides data from seven surveys (1970 - present) in the series in addition to links to other UNCJIN statistics. Some topical tables are viewable online.

Spatial Coverage: 

Some of the files are zip compressed, and users have a choice of ASCII, Lotus 123 (spreadsheet), or SPSS formats.

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet.