UK Data Service Secure Lab

Alternative Title: 
Secure Access Data Service

The Secure Data Service (SDS) has now been replaced by the UK Data Service Secure Lab. The SDS provides researchers with secure access to data in the fields of social science, economics and the humanities that are too detailed or are considered to be too confidential, sensitive or potentially disclosive to be made available under the standard licences of the UK Data Service. Currently, collections include:

  • productivity data from Annal respondents database
  • innovation data from the UK innovation survey
  • geospatial data from the Labour force survey, and Understanding society
  • sensitive data about childhood development


Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom

Data Publisher:


A number of policies, procedures and guides relating to the use of the SDS are available here.

Data Access: 
Please see the UK Data Service for details.
Previously, users of the Secure Data Service were required to become Secure Data Service members. This was achieved by means of registration with the UK Data Service, placing an order, obtaining accreditation as a researcher, completing a user agreement and attending training.

The security of the service is achieved by means of:

  • state-of-the-art secure data technology and procedures,
  • training and convenience for approved researchers,
  • standards backed by a professional code of practice, and
  • meaningful penalties for breaches.

Researchers are able to access the data remotely from a safe room in their home institution, for the purposes of analysis and collaboration only; the data may not be downloaded.