Tobar an Dualchais

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Kist o Riches

Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches is a collaborative project which has been set up to preserve, digitise, catalogue and make available online several thousand hours of Gaelic and Scots recordings. This website contains a wealth of material such as folklore, songs, music, history, poetry, traditions, stories and other information. The material has been collected from all over Scotland and beyond from the 1930s onwards.

The recordings come from the School of Scottish Studies (University of Edinburgh), BBC Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland's Canna Collection.

The project will ensure that Scotland's rich oral heritage is safeguarded and made widely available for educational and personal use for future generations

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1930s - present day

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Help, Terms of Use and FAQ are available online.


Licence Agreements have been set up with The School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh, the BBC Archives and the National Trust for Scotland which enable Tobar an Dualchais to make these materials available to you. Copyright ownership remains with them in respect of the physical sound recording, whilst the separate copyright which subsists in the spoken word, songs or music remains the property of the individual contributor (unless this has been assigned elsewhere). The many fieldworkers/reporters may also own copyright in their words and each fieldworker/reporter is listed with the relevant recordings.


Audio files digitised from a variety of sources and formats.

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Content freely available on internet