National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway

The NBN is a collaborative project which involves many of the UK’s wildlife conservation organisations, the government and country agencies, environmental agencies, local records centres and many voluntary groups.  All of these organisations collect and use biodiversity data and they are all committed to making this information widely available. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs also supports specific projects to develop the NBN further. NBN Gateway provides access to a collection of UK wildlife datasets from a variety of sources. Information available includes herpetelogical records, Biological Records Centre Mammals database, the Seabird survey and the Marine Life Information Network. After registration, users can customise the list of datasets available to them. Other datasets may be accessed following a special application process. Additional functionality allows users to create maps of the distribution of species throughout the UK.
Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet. Registration required.