International Comparisons of Output and Productivity (ICOP) Industry Database

The International Comparisons of Output and Productivity (ICOP)  project covers about 30 countries in Asia, East and West Europe, and North and South America. Comparisons of manufacturing output and productivity, which are based on unit value ratio comparisons and disaggregated into 16 manufacturing branches, are available for almost all of these countries. Comparisons for agriculture, transport and communication and wholesale and retail trade are available for a smaller group of countries. Comparisons for all sectors of the economy, adding up to total GDP, are available for Brazil, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United States. Estimates for retail and wholesale trade, transport and communication are available from the International Labour Office (ILO) publication Key Indicators of the Labour Market. Databases within the project include: Total Economy Database ; Total Economy Growth Accounting Database ; GGDC 10-Sector Database ; EU KLEMS Database ; GGDC Productivity Level Database ; Historical National Accounts Database

Spatial Coverage: 

Sources and methods for each database available online.


Data files downloadable as MS Excel. Documentation available as Adobe PDF.

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet.