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Previously known as Census.ac.uk, and/or the MIMAS Census Dissemination Unit

The UK Data Service Census Support service is responsible for online registration (via EASE) for access to the UK Census datasets by the academic community. The site is a one-stop registration site for contemporary decennial Census datasets (1971-2011):

  • CasWeb - extraction service for UK Population Census area statistics: 1971, 1981, 1991 & 2001.
  • UKBORDERS - contemporary and historical digital boundary map data (EDINA)
  • Travel to work and Migration (origin/destination) statistics (Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research)
  • Samples of Anonymised Records (i.e. microdata) - Each file is a sample of anonymised individual person- or household level records drawn from the census database, containing a range of socio-demographic characteristics for respondents, with a particular emphasis on either individual, household, or geographical detail. Each file contains data from one census only. Sample sizes range from 1% to 10%, and determine the variable and geographic detail available. Registration with the UK Data Service is required. The Teaching Files are unrestricted 1% samples of microdata containing limited detail and are available for England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland from the 2011 census; these three files may be downloaded without registration.
  • 2011 Census data

For some interesting visualisations of the 2011 census data for England and Wales see datashine.org.uk.


Details of other sources of Census data from the UK 

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Information about the 2011 census including the 2011 Census programme, Questionnaire content, the census Coverage survey, census consultations are available on the ONS 2011 census website.

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Registration is required in order to gain access to the ESRC census programme portals.