Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies, 2009

The Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies of 2009 (SSAL2009) aimed to update existing data on the literacies skills of adults aged 16 - 65.  It had an additional aim, through an assessment of prose, document and quantitive literacies, of providing a baseline estimate of these skills in the general population of Scotland.

The SSAL2009, which was based on the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) of 1996, explored patterns of literacies skills and analysed them in relation to the social backgrounds of the respondents.

The SSAL 2009 dataset includes data on: gender, age, languages spoken, educational background and qualifications, employment status, training and jobs, health, benefits, deprivation (using the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) and whether respondents live in urban or rural areas.

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Scottish Government, Education Analytical Services Division
Time Period: 

February 2009 - July 2009.

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  • SSAL look-up tables
  • SSAL 2009 data dictionary
  • SSAL 2009: report of findings
  • SSAL 2009: research findings
  • SSAL 2009: technical report
  • *.sav is an SPSS file
  • *.rtf is a rich text format file
  • *.pdf is a portable document format file
  • *.txt is a readme and citation file
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