Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (SSAS)

The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey was developed in close co-ordination with the 1999 British Social Attitudes survey and the 1999 Welsh Assembly Election Study. Parts of the questionnaires are identical or functional equivalent in order to make comparisons between Scotland, England and Wales possible. The 1999 survey was its first round and in that year it also doubled as the Scottish Parliament Election Study.

The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey aims to chart and interpret attitudes on a range of social, political, economic and moral issues: government and public services in post-devolution Scotland, discrimination, attitudes towards young people and youth crime, views about national identity and attitudes towards homelessness. It has a particular focus on remote and rural Scotland. The questionnaire covers political behaviour and attitudes, a core section on social attitudes, and a thorough classification section. A separate module of questions dealing with the new electoral systems was fielded as part of the self-completion booklet.

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National Centre for Social Research (formerly Social and Community Planning Research)
D. McCrone (University of Edinburgh), P. Surridge (University of Salford), L. Paterson (University of Edinburgh), J.K. Curtice (University of Strathclyde), B. Seyd (University College London. Constitution Unit).
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Annual cross-sectional study: 1999 to latest.

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The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey reports from 2005 onwards can be downloaded from theĀ Scottish Centre for Social Research website. Questionnaires, variable searching, and other resources are available online.

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