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Links to information about major statistical surveys in Scotland; information on statistical geographies and methodologies; statistics in the Scottish Government. Statistics can also be retrieved by topic. 

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  • Search Statistics 
    Find Scottish Government statistics, filtering on year or topic.  
  • Surveys in Scotland
  • Scottish Annual Business Statistics
    Statistics include information on employment, turnover, gross value added, net capital expenditure and other financial variables, by manufacturing, construction or service sector and local authority area. Most tables provide time series data from 1998 onwards and are based on the Annual Business Inquiry (ABI) conducted by the Office for National Statistics. Also included are links to industry profiles, time-series graphs, methodology and definitions.
  • Scottish Government Economy Statistics
    Produced by the Scottish Government as part of an annual publication to replace the Scottish Economic Bulletin and contains a full range of official economic statistics for Scotland arranged by topic such as: UK indicators; GDP; Enterprises; Labour Market; Earnings; Households; Government Finance; Service Sector; Production; Manufactured Exports; Agriculture and Fisheries. Also contains Quick Facts for Scotland as well as for each local authority.
  • Scottish Export Statistics links to two sources of data on Scottish Exports:
    • The Global Connections Survey - an annual survey that provides estimates of the cash value of exports by destination and industry sector for all sectors of the Scottish economy including the primary, manufacturing and service sectors. This source should be used to obtain estimates of the cash value of exports.
    • The Index of Manufactured Exports - a quarterly analysis produced by the Scottish Government using survey data collected by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The index provides a quarterly time series of the growth (in real terms) of export sales in the manufacturing industry. This source should be used to obtain estimates of changes in the level of export sales over time.
    • Scottish GDP website. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of the value of goods and services produced in Scotland, before allowing for depreciation or capital consumption. Net receipts from interest, profits and dividends abroad are excluded. Quarterly data can be downloaded in Excel, PDF or HTML format.
    • Scottish Local Government Finance Statistics
      This includes data on local government income and expenditure, covering revenue and capital spending, council tax and non-domestic rates going back to 1995/96.
    • Scottish Social and Welfare Statistics
      A range of key social and welfare publications and data sources for a number of themes including: Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics; Social Justice; Households, families and individuals; Social focus; Welfare; Income; Equality. 
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