Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS)

This is the largest single housing research project in Scotland, and the only national survey to look at the physical condition of Scotland's homes as well as the experiences of householders.

The general objectives of this survey are:

  • to enable national level monitoring of the physical quality of Scotland's housing stock
  • to aid our understanding of factors which influence the physical condition of the housing stock
  • to describe the socio-economic features of the households and link the characteristics of both dwelling and occupants

Key topics covered by the physical survey include:

  • dwelling description
  • locality and amenities
  • services and fittings
  • repairs required and residual life of building components
  • thermal efficiency

Key topics covered by the socio-economic interview include:

  • household composition, tenure and employment details
  • income and housing costs
  • heating arrangements and fuel costs
  • repairs and improvement works, cost and quality
  • neighbourhood environment
Spatial Coverage: 
Time Period: 

Repeated cross-sectional study:


Latest reports, key analysis and documentation, survey forms and technical reports are available online.


The Scottish House Condition Survey for 1991, 1996, 2002 are held by the Economic & Social Data Service.

Data Access: 

For access to the datasets held at the UK data Archive users must register before receiving a copy of data files. Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.