Local authority profiles

 The Local Profiles aim to help local authorities use official statistics to better understand the economic, social and environmental picture for their area, and have been developed using data that will be of use to analysts, economists and policy makers involved in preparing local plans and strategies. Subject coverage includes: Child Poverty, Demography, Economic Context, Employment, Enterprise, Environment, Housing, Inclusion, Skills.

Local Profiles are available as an interactive mapping tool. Within this tool, individual theme reports for each topic can be downloaded as Excel workbooks. Please enable macros when opening the files as this allows the tool to display data for the areas you select.


Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Time Period: 

2003-2012, with projections to 2021 in some tables. Coverage varies table by table; see 'Indicator summary' sheet in each file.


On 28 May 2014 ONS announced its updated response to the Consultation on Statistical Products. This mentions that the Local Profiles will be stopped as no alternative solutions for producing them have been found. No updates for the October 2013 release are therefore planned, and the Local Profiles have now been discontinued.


Excel 97-2003 spreadsheets

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet.