Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey, 2008 (SEABS 08)

The Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey, 2008 (SEABS), commissioned by Scotland's Rural and Environment Analytical Services (REAS) and undertaken by Ipsos MORI Scotand, aims to provide representative information on Scottish adult environmental attitudes and behaviours. This information, which relates specifically to climate change, sustainable development and well-being, was gathered to support the development and delivery of environmental policy.

The SEABS questionnaire was based on the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs's (DEFRA) Survey of Public Attitudes and Behaviours towards the Environment, 2007 (UKDA Study no. 5741). The topics covered in the questionnaire were the salience of the environment and specific environmental problems, attitudes towards climate change, travel behaviour, energy consumption, reusing and recycling, eco purchasing, well-being and green space.

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Ipsos MORI Scotland.
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Cross-sectional (one-time) study.

Further information can be obtained from the SEABS 08 report on the Scottish Government website

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