Scottish Demography: Scottish Migration to, and Return from, South East England, 2005-2006.

Against the backdrop of Scotland's changing demography, this project studied Scots, the largest non-English immigrant group in the UK, living and working in the South East of England. It aimed to address the lack of documentation on why Scots migrate to England, compared to that which relates to native English people who move to Scotland. More specifically it considers the declining number of Scots now moving South, the employment opportunities and the functions they perform there, the variation over time of their return to Scotland and how all these factors relate to economic and political change in Scotland.

This is a mixed methods database using questionnaire survey data from a sample of Scots migrants living in the South East of England in 2005. Thirty qualitative interviews with Scots who had returned to Scotland were also undertaken. 

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Cross-sectional (one time) study.

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