Scotland MOSAIC Data and Multimedia Guide

MOSAIC, normally used for profiling neighbourhoods as a marketing tool, is a classification system that divides the country into postcode based neighbourhood types. Each postcode is assigned to one of 10 groups such as Urban Sophisticates or Upper Echelons. Each group is further sub-divided into 44 types such as Ageing in Suburbia, Rural Playgrounds or Songs of Praise. The geo-demographic types are based on Census data, electoral roles, commercial behaviour data, credit information and other marketing data.

Those carrying out the Scottish Household Survey have used MOSAIC for both drawing a representative sample and for analysing the results. (See Bulletin 3 of the SHS for more information.)

The dataset is made up of an Access database of all 171,466 postcodes in Scotland, along with their corresponding neighbourhood group and type. The data is accompanied by a Multimedia Guide which provides the descriptions of each type, along with a photo collage, sound and video, and also illustrates some of the data that characterises each neighbourhood type.


2005 Experian data are also available from the UK Data Service for academic use. The dataset includes the Median Household Income, and is supplied for super output areas (SOAs) in raw ASCII format for the entire UK including Scotland. The dataset has three main components:

  • Mosaic UK household classification
  • Median Household Income
  • Population Projections
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MOSAIC comprises a composite view of databases held by Experian and is updated to the fullest extent possible as of 2003. (An obvious exception is the population Census data, which are from 2001.)

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Available on the CD-Rom:

Multimedia Guide to Mosaic Scotland (in the Help directory).

'Mosaic Scotland - The Consumer Classification for the UK' and 'Understanding Mosaic Scotland Groups and Types' are available as PDF files (in the Background directory).

A PDF file for each socio-demographic Group and Type exists in the NeigPDF directory.

A PDF version of the Mosaic UK-E-Handbook is available at OrthosDatalibDocumentation with Flipchart on separate CD-Rom.


The United Kingdom MOSAIC data should be used for geographic comparisons within England and Wales and Northern ireland, or between areas in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Where places only within Scotland are analysed, Scotland MOSAIC provides a more accurate set of groups and types.

Provided to the Data Library by Experian, in March 2004, for academic purposes only.

Where reference is made to Scotland MOSAIC in published papers the following copyright notice must be included:

Copyright Experian Ltd. 2003

Experian Ltd., 14 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH42 4DJ. Tel. 0131 220 0282

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Original 2000 data and Multimedia Guide supplied on CD-ROM by Experian 4/4/00.

Original 2003 data and E-Handbook supplied on CD-ROM by Experian March 2004. MS-Access version of data written to CD-Rom 12/2/07


Access database.
The Data Library can provide a subset in ASCII or spreadsheet format for any list of postcodes.

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Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access on CD-ROM.