Scottish Mobility Study, 1974-75

An investigation by means of a sample survey of trends, correlates and determinants of social mobility in Scotland. Topics covered: occupation, secondary education, further education, migration, kinship interaction, family size, housing, job selection, income.  Same data as above available on father, mother, brother, wife, son, father-in-law.
NOTE: In the subsetted dataset, migration, kinship interaction, housing, and brother's data are not included.

Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
Moore, R.
Payne, G.
Time Period: 

Cross-sectional (one-time) study.

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PDF documentation includes codebook, questionnaire, and additional variable information. Enhanced from the original by Data Library staff.


This dataset was originally obtained from the UK Data Archive and enhanced by Data Library staff on request from a user.

SPSS setup file created by Data Library staff, which provides variable labels but not value labels for a selected majority of variables. (Lines skipped from codebook are documented.)

Persistent identifier:10.5255/UKDA-SN-981-1

File Descriptions: 

Data Archive original files:

  • 0981zzzz.pdf - original codebook documentation
  • cite981.txt - citation text file
  • d981.dat - ASCII data file

Data Library version:

  • SMS74.pdf - enhanced, re-ordered codebook documentation with citation information and table of contents
  • sms74-subset.sps - SPSS setup statement (for ascii data file)
  • sms74-subset.por - SPSS portable file



Original file from Data Archive in ASCII data format. Enhanced subset available in SPSS system or portable format.

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Users must register with the UK Data Archive before receiving a copy of data files. Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.