Scottish Election Study, 1979

The purpose of this study was to survey political attitudes in Scotland at the time of the May 3rd 1979 parliamentary election.

Derived from 1974 Scottish election study sample, using a Marchant-Blyth top up procedure to embed the panel in a 1979 cross-section. A number of questions were asked on the subject of Scottish devolution, including vote in the recent referendum. Other attitudinal/behavioural questions asked include:

  • attitude to recent changes taking place in Britain
  • perception of good and bad aspects of political parties
  • knowledge of party leaders, degree of interest in politics
  • opinion of each parties handling of certain issues
  • future prospects for the economy/unemployment/own income
  • opinion of trade unions and big business
  • degree of trust respondent would place in governments of different parties on various issues e.g. Scottish affairs
  • attitude to certain forms of political action
  • party identification, main reasons for voting for particular party
  • assessment of conflict between various groups in Britain
Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
W.L. Miller, J.A.Brand (both Strathclyde University. Department of Politics)
Time Period: 

Cross-sectional (one-time) study: Longitudinal/panel/cohort: two waves

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Machine-readable codebook in Microsoft Word.


Persistent identifier:10.5255/UKDA-SN-1604-1

File Descriptions: 

1 data file and 3 documentation files:

  • scot79.por is the SPSS portable file.
  • scot79.frq is the frequency distributions of the variables.
  • scot79.cbk is the machine readable codebook
  • 1604.txt is the ASCII text citation file.
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Written to CD-ROM 5/3/99.


SPSS portable file.

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