Scottish Post Office Directories

There are 694 Scottish Postcode Directories covering the 28 Scottish towns and counties for the years 1773 to 1911. These annual directories include an alphabetical list of a town's or county's inhabitants, called a general directory, enabling you to easily find out where people lived at a certain time. As well as the general directory, most of Scotland's Post Office directories include a street directory and a trades directory. They alphabetically list people by their address and professions.You may often also find a:

  • Bank directory listing banks and banking companies
  • Church directory listing of clergymen and places of worship
  • Conveyance directory listing railways, steamers, carriages, coaches and ferries
  • Educational directory listing educational institutions and teachers by their subject
  • Insurance directory listing insurance companies
  • Law directory listing juridical institutions and practitioners
  • Medical directory listing medical and surgical institutions and practitioners
  • Parliamentary directory listing Chief Officers of State, Peers of Scotland, and Members of Parliament
  • Postal directory listing postal branches, postage rates, post towns and stamp duties
  • Public departments directory listing public institutions and societies
  • Advertisements.
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National Library of Scotland
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1771 - 1911

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You can download the directories for non-commercial use under the Creative Commons Noncommercial - Share-alike 2.5 UK: Scotland licence.