Scottish Minorities Survey, 2003-2004

The principal aim of the Scottish Minorities Survey was to examine how successfully both nationalism and multiculturalism have been accommodated in post-devolution Scotland. The Survey had a secondary objective of increasing understanding of ethnic minority views on post-devolution Scotland.  The perspectives elicited related to nationalism, multiculturalism, devolution in Scotland and questions of identity. Majority perspectives, (in England and in Scotland) on the Muslim minority and (in Scotland only) on the English immigrant minority, were also included in the survey.

Data collection comprised:

  • telephone survey interviews with English immigrants and ethnic Pakistanis within Scotland
  • focus group discussions with English immigrants and ethnic Pakistanis within Scotland
  • in-depth interviews (NOT included in the data for reasons of confidentiality) with selected members of the Scottish elite


Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
Miller, W.L. & Hussain, A.M. University of Glasgow, Department of Politics
Time Period: 

Cross-sectional (one-time) study.

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