Scottish Health Survey (SHeS)

The 1995 Scottish Health Survey was the first of a series of surveys designed to make a major contribution to monitoring progress towards the health targets set out in 1992 in Health Education on Scotland: A National Policy Statement and towards the dietary targets announced in 1994. Initially conducted every three years, the survey is now annual.

The aims of the SHeS are to:

  • provide data about the nation's health
  • estimate the prevalence of particular health conditions
  • estimate the prevalence of risk factors associated with these conditions
  • examine differences between population subgroups; and between Scotland and England
  • contribute towards monitoring progress towards selected health targets; and
  • monitor trends in the population's health over time
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Repeated cross-sectional study: First of a series of studies due to be repeated every 3 years.

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For further information including: survey design and content; data, documentation and analysis visit the Scottish Government's Scottish Health Survey website.


The continuous Scottish Health Survey began in January 2008 and is running continuously from 2008 - 2011. There is no commitment to continue after that as yet.

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Users must register with the UKDS before accessing data files.