Scottish Graduate Migration and Retention: a case study of the University of Edinburgh Cohort, 2000

Against the background of a Scottish population that was both ageing and declining, the Scottish Executive (as was) commissioned this study with the aim of finding the most effective approach to attract and increase the retention of more highly qualified people to Scotland. This study examined the migration patterns and motivations of the 2000 cohort at the University of Edinburgh.

Topics covered include: respondents' migration history; their location at the time of the survey (summer 2005); their location approximately six months after graduation (January 2001); any additional locations of residence exceeding three months between 2001 and 2005.

The dataset comprises quantitative data only from a postal survey of the entire cohort; the qualitative interview data have not been deposited.

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Bond, R. University of Edinburgh
Charsley, K. University of Oxford, Institute of Social & Cultural Anthropology
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Cross-sectional (one time- study) based on the 2000 graduate cohort from the University of Edinburgh.

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