Neighbourhood Statistics (NS)

A free web-based service which provides small area statistics for England and Wales on the following topics: Access to services; Community well-being; Social environment; Crime and safety; Economic deprivation; Education, skills and training; Health and care; Housing; Indices of deprivation; People and society; Physical environment; Work deprivation. Data are currently available for a number of geographies including super output areas, wards, local authorities, and health board areas. Alternatively, users may enter a postcode or go straight to the dataset catalogue to make their data selections. More data, including the 2001 Census results, are continuously being added. For Scottish area data, see the equivalent Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics site.

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom

Data can be downloaded as ASCII or spreadsheet files through a clickable map of UK regions.

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet.