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Nesstar is the online data exploration system used to provide access to a wide variety of datasets held by the UK Data Archive including many large-scale datasets, for example, the Labour Force Survey, and academic surveys such as the British Social Attitudes Survey and the National Child Development Study. It is "a visual data library where you can search, browse and download a selected range of key social and economic data". All visitors to the UK Data Service Nesstar Catalogue can browse study metadata, variable frequencies and use the simple and advanced search options. Registered users can also create simple online cross-tabulations, produce graphs, and download subsets of variables in a variety of formats.

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom

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Tutorials and other resources are available at

The Nesstar User Guide can be found on the software company's website:

There is also a detailed guide available on the old ESDS website: However, it should be noted that this website is no longer maintained.

Data Access: 

"Access to Discover and Nesstar does not require registration, however registration is required to conduct online data analysis or to download data." - UK Data Service.