Census of Population for England and Wales Lookup Tables, 2001

Lookup tables are often needed to match users' data with Census data, e.g. by postcode unit.

The Data Library has the following lookup tables in MS-Access format:

  • 2001 Postcode to Output Area Index (OA_TO_HA interim)
  • Output Area to Higher Area Index (PC_TO_OA final)
  • A merged MS-Access Query 2001 Postcode to Output Area to Higher Area Index (OA_TO_HA_TO_PC)


Details of other sources of Census data from the UK

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Data Creator: 
Office for National Statistics.
Time Period: 

Based on areas at time of Census, 29 April, 2001.


See ONS Geography website which maintains a large number of look up files which relate one or more geography to another. A sample of look up files which we consider to be most frequently requested are available for download.


When postcode matching note that National Statistics treat every postcode as a 7 digit string thus N11JY has to be interpreted as N1 1JY etc.


File Storage: 

Written to CD-ROM 17/10/03 (MS-Access 2002 only)


MS-Access 2002.

Data Access: 

No registration required. Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.