Scottish Local Election Results, 1973-2003

This dataset is part of the British Local Election Database, 1889 - 2003, a unique database of local elections results in Great Britain. Held at the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex the database contains data for the period of the twentieth century before wholesale local government reorganisation in 1973. It also links the existing English, Welsh and Scottish local election databases. Until now, these results had never been collated together, let alone transformed into machine-readable form.

The Scottish Local Election Results, 1973 - 2003 are based on the series of publications Scottish Local Election Results by J. Bochel and D. Denver, but include additional material. The aim of the study was to make available the details of Scottish local election results in machine-readable form

For each ward or electoral division the basic data comprises:

  • year of election
  • region and district
  • ward number and name
  • electorate
  • name, sex, incumbency, party and votes received for each candidate.

Eight additional variables have been calculated: turnout, number of candidates, votes received by the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrat, SNP, Independent(s) and others.

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D.T. Denver (University of Lancaster)
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This dataset is now part of the British Local Election Database, 1889-2003. It previously appeared in the UKDA catalogue under study numbers SN 3301.

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