KOF Index of Globalization

The KOF Index of Globalization measures the three main dimensions of globalization: economic; social; political. Resources include Query Index which enables querying of the KOF Index of Globalization in detail,  a utility that enables querying of aggregated graphs of the KOF Index of Globalization, in addition to Globalization maps which displays the Index of Globalization (over-all-index) in a map format. Raw index data for 2010 can be downloaded as can data for previous years (2002 - 2009).

Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
Axel Dreher
Jan-Egbert Sturm
Time Period: 

Data are available on a yearly basis for 208 countries over the period 1970 - 2007.


Available documentation includes: Variables and Weights; Method of Calculation; Definition and Sources


Raw data available as MS Excel. Data for previous years available as Winzipped MS Excel. Documentation downloadable as Adobe PDF.