Joint Unemployment and Vacancies Operating System (JUVOS) Unemployment Statistics

From June 1983 onwards data have been produced in ward-based aggregations. Postcode sector aggregations are for the entire period from October 1982 onwards. Earlier data from October 1982 to August 1985 are also aggregated to Employment Office areas. Data for both stocks and flows (those joining or leaving the claimant count in the month) are produced. From May 1999, data on age and duration for stocks relate only to computerised claims processed clerically (currently fewer than 1% of claims). Prior to May 1999, age and duration data for stocks include clerically processed claims for only quarter months (January, April, July and October). Data are also produced relating to claimants under 18, students, married women, and for stocks only, claimants under 60 claiming for less than 4 weeks, claimants under 60 claiming for more than 4 weeks, claimants over 60 claiming for less than 4 weeks, and claimants over 60 claiming for more than 4 weeks. For flows these data relate only to computerised claims. For stocks, they relate to all claims up to April 1999, and to computerised claims for May 1999 onwards. For datasets up to April 1999, data are produced relating to claimants whose employment is temporarily stopped - these data are discontinued from May 1999 onwards.

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United Kingdom
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Great Britain. Office for National Statistics (ONS)
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Oct. 1982 to May 1999

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