International Studies Compendium project

This portal provides access to a whole range of datasets from a variety of sources pertaining to international relations on topics such as:Interstate Conflict Data; Event data; Interstate Rivalry; Intrastate, Civil, and Ethnic Conflict Data; Human Rights and Repression; Terrorism; Conflict Management Data; Economic Data; Trade and Investment; Conflict Location Data; political Data; Power and Capability Data; Treaty, Institution, and International Law Data; Prominent Replication Data Sets.

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The “Source” entry for each data set indicates the best place to obtain it. Where possible, this is the official site where the data set is maintained, which should always have the most up-to-date version. Also note that some data sets that are listed as being available by purchase only can be purchased by an entire institution through a site license; interested users may want to check with their school's library to see whether these resources are already available to them before paying the fee to access the data individually.

Data Access: 

Data available free on internet. Note that registration may be requried for some datasets.