International Labour Organisation (ILO) Department of Statistics

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Main page for ILO data and statistics. Contains a description of the statistics available and links to ILOSTAT, the online database for the ILO. Time-series can be downloaded in CSV format. Yearly data which covers information on population, labour force, employment, unemployment, persons outside the labour force, youth, working time, earnings and employment related income, labour cost, occupational injuries, trade unions and collective bargaining, strikes and lockouts, working poor, and labour inspection. A list of all ILO labour statistics and databases is available, including:

  • the ILOSTAT database, which is gradually replacing the LABORSTA database
  • Key indicators of the labour market (KILM)
  • labour force surveys
  • the Statistical Information and Monitoring Programme on Child Labour (IPEC-SIMPOC).

N.B. The Child Labour data include both aggregate statistics and microdata files for download in Excel or zippped SPSS .sav files.



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1969 - latest

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Freely available data on internet.