International Energy Agency (IEA) Statistics

Statistical databases include:

  • IEA CO2 emissions from fuel combustion
  • IEA coal information, from 1960 - .
  • IEA electricity information
  • IEA energy prices and taxes database
  • IEA energy technology research and development database, from 1974 - .
  • IEA natural gas information, from 1960 - .
  • IEA oil information, from 1960 - .
  • IEA projections, 1960-2040
  • IEA renewables information, from 1990 - .
  • IEA world energy balances
  • IEA world energy statistics

Country-level resources such as recent statistical publications, interactive maps related surveys, graphs and databases are also available.  Data can be searched by topic (e.g. coal, climate change, electrivity, environment, greenhouse gases, natural gas, oil, renewable energy, transport), country and region.

N.B. UK tertiary education users can now access the International Energy Agency data via the UK Data Service.

Spatial Coverage: 

The Questionnaire Resource Centre is available online.

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet.