International Archive of Education Data (IAED)

This collection is not extensivley international in scope but is primarily a free public repository for over a dozen important American educational datasets including longitudinal studies, produced by the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  Data analysis can be conducted using the IAED Survey Documentation & Analysis (SDA) system. Abstracts, related publications and sites are also available.

Spatial Coverage: 

On the download page a choice of uncompressed or compressed files is given with file sizes noted. The compression format, gzip, is a Unix format, but can be opened with Winzip on PCs. For some confidential surveys, a Windows-based table viewing software is required to look at the aggregate data.

Data Access: 

Data freely available on the internet. Registration is required. By submitting their email address only, users can download the raw (ASCII) data and corresponding codebook documentation.