Health Education Population Survey, 2007

As part of NHS Health Scotland's commitment to the measurement of its effectiveness as a means of obtaining reliable evidence to inform the development of its programmes, British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) Social Research was commissed to undertake the first Health Education Population Survey (HEPS). Commencing in March 1995, HEPS 2007 represents the thirteenth and fourteenth waves conducted since. Its principal aims are the monitoring of trends in health-related attitudes, knowledge and behaviours, the assessment of the impact of specific activities and to contribute to the planning and development of health promotion. HEPS 2007 has a secondary, longer term strategic aim of achieving greater health promotion effectiveness.

Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
NHS Health Scotland
Time Period: 

Repeated cross-sectional study.

Data Publisher:

  • HEPS 2007 User Guide in PDF.
  • UKDA Study Information in HTML.
  • Read .htm notes.
  • Further information may be found by searching the Health Scotland website.
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Written to CD-ROM 30.03.09.

  • *.sav is an SPSS file.
  • *.txt is a readme and citation file.
  • *.rtf is a rich text format file.
  • *.xls is an MS Excel file.
  • *.pdf is a portable document format file.
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Users must register with the Data Service before accessing data files.