HealthACORN Postcode-Level Directory for Great Britain

The HealthACORN classification, which breaks down the population of Great Britain into four socio-demographic groups, 25 types and 60 sub-types, was developed using the combined expertise of CACI and TNS. HealthACORN provides an analysis of the diet, health, exercise characteristics and demographic attributes of communities in every part of Great Britain.

The HealthACORN classification variables include: postcode, large user flag, deleted flag, total population, total households, HealthACORN group and HealthACORN type. Further information may be found on the HealthACORN User Guide. Data are available at unit postcode level.

The study has been de-catalogued by the UK Data Service, as it has been withdrawn by the depositor. However, it is available on CD-ROM from the Data Library team. 

Another study using the ACORN classification *is* available from the UK Data Service: Living Costs and Food Survey, 2006-2012: Secure Access .

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Time Period: 

Cross-sectional (one time) study. 2007 most recent.

Data Publisher:

  • UKDA Information for Study 6070 in htm format.
  • HealthACORN user guide in pdf format.
  • UKDA data dictionary in MS Word.
  • Lookup table for users of SPSS 11 and previous.
File Descriptions: 
  • *.sav is an SPSS data file.
  • *.rtf is a rich text format file.
  • *.pdf is a portable document format file.
File Storage: 

Written to CD-ROM 28/08/09.


SPSS portable files.

UKDA Study Number: 
Data Access: 

Special conditions of use apply.

Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.