GoGeo is a Jisc-funded service run and hosted by the EDINA National Data Centre to provide geospatial resource tools for locating geographic data and related resources within UK tertiary education and beyond. Resources include: Geospatial Metadata; Case Studies; Data Format Guides; sources for jobs in the GI community; information on Major Data Providers; Geoterminology; GIS Software including Data Translators and Freeware; geodoc - a metadata creator tool. There are also links to GIS-related research and learning materials, subject resources, training courses, books and conferences and other relevant events. GoGeo also links to ShareGeo- a facility for sharing geospatial data (restricted to users of EDINA's Digimap Collections).

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This is a geospatial data research discovery tool. Although access to data sources are not guaranteed, information about who to contact and how to access spatial datasets catalogued should be available.

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Freely available data on internet.