Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database)

Euromonitor International's Global Market Information Database provides online access to business intelligence on countries, consumers and industries. It offers integrated access to statistics, market reports, company profiles and information sources, with breadth and depth of international coverage. It is especially useful for studying entry into new country markets, the launch of new products and services targeted to new consumer market segments, benchmarking companies against competitors or investigating the growth potential of specific industry sectors.

Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
Euromonitor International
Time Period: 

2006 - 2011

Data Publisher:


Not all features are enabled on the University account.


"Snapshots" of the graphical and factual data on the dashboard can be saved .jpg.  Additionally, there are options to both export data to PDF (.pdf) and PowerPoint (.ppt).

Data Access: 

Directly available to Edinburgh University users via EASE.