Generalized Geological Map of the World and Linked Databases

Generalized Geological Map of the World and Linked Databases on CD-ROM was purchased by the Data Library for teaching and research purposes and is available to Edinburgh University staff and students for academic or personal use.

The Generalized Geological Map of the World and Linked Databases contains three basic digital datasets: one providing the raw components of a generalized geological map of the world and the other two - mineral deposit sites and associated descriptive data - to be viewed against the geological backdrop. The fourth component of the CD-ROM is an enhanced version of SurVew, a viewing utility packaged with these three datasets in proprietary format.

Note: The three datasets are meant for the preparation of displays which visually communicate global geoscientific patterns at scales approximating the 1:35 million scale for which they were prepared. The geological map data, especially, are NOT intended for any type of quantitative analysis as much detail was omitted and units were grouped and simplified in the process of generalization.

Spatial Coverage: 
Time Period: 



Readme files (including data definitions) accompany each of the three digital datasets and the SurView viewing application:

  • Generalized Geology of the World
  • Hydrothermal Activity & Associated Mineral Deposits of the Seafloor
  • Global Distribution of Sediment-Hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits & Occurrences
  • SurView viewing application.



Data and software contained on this CD-ROM are subject to Crown Copyright, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada - 1995.

File Storage: 

CD-ROM received 6/01. Backup copy made 4/7/01. Update 17/12/09.


The data are provided in five formats:

  • ARC/INFO workspace with georeferenced linework as coverages and the database.
  • ARC/INFO ASCII export exchange (E00) format for georeferenced linework and database.
  • ARC/INFO ASCII generate format for georeferenced linework.
  • AutoCAD(R) ASCII format (DXF) for georeferenced linework.
  • dBASE(TM) format (DBF) for database, located in subdirectory GENGEOLDBF.


Data Access: 

Available to Edinburgh University users only. Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.