Great Britain Historical Database (GBHDB)

As part of the Great Britain Historical GIS Project this was originally known as the Queen Mary & Westfield College Labour Markets Database, made up of measures of localised economic distress in the period 1850-1914, and was expanded with further funding. The resultant Great Britain Historical Database (GBHDB) is a large integrated database of geographically-located historical statistics for Great Britain including: Information from the Census of Population since 1801 (age and sex structure, educational statistics, housing conditions, industry statistics, migration statistics); Economic Distress and Labour Markets (unemployment statistics, poor law statistics, trade union statistics); Information about Health and Health Care (hospitals and other institutions, mortality statistics); Other Data including pre-1800 Surveys (agricultural statistics, pictures, topographic descriptions); Geographic Units and other information (gazetteers, geography conversion tables, boundary changes, standard locational descriptors). This forms part of the Vision of Britain through time web resource

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Data Creator: 
Humphrey Southall

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Freely available data on internet.