FAOSTAT: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The FAOSTAT database provides time-series and cross sectional  data for some 200 countries including up-to-date data and comprehensive notes on: agricultural production; agriculture & food trade; commodity balances; food supply; food balance sheets; producer prices; land; means of production; exports of cereals by source and destination; forestry trade flows etc. There is also links to other FAO statistical databases including: AQUASTAT, FishSTAT (FIGIS), PriceSTAT and ProdSTAT.

There are also links to the World Census of Agriculture which provides results for the national censuses of around 80 countries and CountrySTAT which is a national statistical information system for food and agriculture which harmonizes and integrates data on food and agriculture coming from different source for some developing countries.

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Freely available data on internet. Some registration may be required.