Census of Population for England and Wales, 2001

The Data Library has the following CD/DVD titles containing data from the Census of Population for England and Wales 2001:

  • (CD) Supplement to the national report for England and Wales and Key Statistics for local authorities in England and Wales.
  • (DVD) Key Statistics for Output Areas and Wards.
  • (DVD) Standard Tables for Wards.
  • (CD) Key Statistics for Health Areas.
  • (DVD) Census Area Statistics - CAS.

Details of other sources of Census data from England, Wales and the other constituent parts of the UK. 

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Data Creator: 
Office for National Statistics.
Time Period: 

Decennial Census, held on 29 April, 2001.


Background information available via National Statistics Census information includes:

  • 2001 Census output prospectus ; Census news ; Methodology ; Accuracy and quality ; Specifications ; Review and evaluation ; Advisory groups ; Strategic developments
  • In addition to brief notes on: What is the census? ; Why have a census? ; How is the information processed? ; How does ONS keep information confidential ; Historical background.
  • Further results information is available via: Local authority profiles ; National/regional profiles ; Commentaries by theme/area ; Thematic maps ; National and regional rankings by theme.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Census CD and DVD products are available below in both HTML and printable pdf format.
  • SuperTABLE User Guide has been printed from the Census 2001 CD/DVDs and is available at the Data Library workstation.



Source: Office of National Statistics.
Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO.
For further information regarding copyright issues refer to the Office for National Statistics.

File Storage: 

Original CD/DVDs kept by Data Library user workstation for general use.


SuperTABLE proprietary software is used on the CD/DVDs to display the tables, which can be exported to Excel, CSV, or HTML format.

Data Access: 

The set of CD/DVDs and printed reports were obtained by the Data Library from the Office for National Statistics.

Users can download data directly from the Office for National Statistics or use the CDs at the Data Library workstation. Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.

Alternatively 2001 Population Census and derived data for the United Kingdom is available for academic purposes via Casweb