Alternative Title: 
Statistical Office of the European Commission

Eurostat gathers and harmonises statistical data from the National Statistical Institutes of each of the member states of the European Union. The data is then disseminated, to the European Commission and other EU institutions, as well as to the public, via a network of European Data Shops. In the UK, the Office of National Statistics acts as a Eurostat data shops and distributor of paper publications. Users have to register to gain access to the range of data which includes Key Structural, short-term, and long-term indicators; a thematic database (with such themes as economics and finance; population and social conditions; industry, trade and services; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; external trade; transport etc); Euro Yield Curves and a Data Explorer. The website also offers news releases, downloadable pocketbooks, working papers and studies in addition to The Eurostat Yearbook downloadable in Adobe PDF format (requires registration). Previous editions are also available.

Spatial Coverage: 

Data can be downloaded in a variety of formats (also dependent upon data series) including XML, MS Excel, CSV, TSV, PDF

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet. Registration may be required.