European Election Database

The European Election and Referendum Database is intended to provide election results on a regional level for European countries. The archive covers the period from 1990 until present and publishes results from parliamentary elections, European Parliament elections, presidential elections, as well as EU-related referendums for a total of 31 European countries.

Data are collected from national election authorities, national statistical agencies and other official sources and include data on number of persons entitled to vote (electorate), numbers of votes cast for each contesting party or candidate, number of valid votes as well as number of invalid votes.

In order to promote comparability the archive publishes regional election results according to the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), level 1 to 3. The NUTS hierarchy provides a single uniform breakdown of territorial units for the production of regional statistics for the European Union. The basic principles for NUTS can be found here. The majority of datasets in the archive are presented on NUTS levels 1-3, and on country level.

Spatial Coverage: 
Time Period: 

1990 until present


The actual data are made available via Nesstar. Data files under the heading "Data for display" are in a tabular format and can only be exported to spreadsheet. Data files under the heading "Data for analytic use" are in a rectangular matrix format and can be downloaded as statistical system files for SPSS, SAS, Stata, etc.

Data Access: 

Data freely available on internet.