Ethnic population projections for the United Kingdom and Local Areas, 2001-2051

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What happens when international migrants settle? Ethnic group trends and projections for UK local areas under alternative scenarios

The Ethnic Population Projections project aims to understand the likely demographic changes in the UK in the 21st century and the  impact upon it of international migration. It also seeks to understand the impact that the differences in fertility and mortality across the UK's ethnic groups will have in shaping future demographic trends.

It is intended that the projections which result will form a useful resource for social scientists in the UK, while building capacity in the analysis of demographic change. It will also draw on best international practice for the benefit of the social science community in the UK.

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Rees, P. University of Leeds, School of Geography
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Population projections 2001-2051.

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Working report and end-of-award report available in PDF format.


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