Geospatial Services at EDINA

EDINA provides key map data services including the following:

  • Digimap (Ordnance Survey online and downloadable map data)
  • GoGeo (geospatial data resource discovery tool)
  • Geodoc
  • ShareGeo
  • Unlock
  • Census Geography (Census and other map boundary data)
  • and the EDINA agcensus service (grid-square Agricultural Census data).

Digimap OpenStream

 Additionally, following registration (free for UK academic users), the Digimap OpenStream service provides access to a Web Map Service (WMS) offering Ordnance Survey OpenData products:

  • GB Overview
  • Vector Map District Raster
  • 1:250,000 Colour Raster
  • Miniscale
  •  OS StreetView

Once registered, you can use the Digimap OpenStream API to do things like:

  • Mashups, combining OS Opendata with maps and data from other sources.
  • adding OS Opendata to Google Earth.
  • Embed maps in your website.
  • provide OS mapping in your own applications.
  • provide OS mapping in a Desktop GIS project.

All without the overheads of downloading and managing large quantities of data.

Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom

Data Publisher:

Data Access: 

Registration required for some services.