Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Alternative Title: 
U.S. Energy Information Administration Independent Statistics and Analysis

The Energy Information Administration is an independent statistical agency within the US Department of Energy and it provides comprehensive access to a range of international (and US) energy information. It provides links to reports and tables by energy type; petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear, electricity, renewable and alternative fuels; and also by themes such as: forecasts and analysis; enviornment; households, buildings and industry. There are state and country profiles by means of a clickable map and international statistical reports, analyses, and forecasts. Annual, monthly and summary reviews are produced for most energy types and these are compounded as historical data. An Information Query System is available to provide an interactive mechanism for customising reports from the EIA databases.

Spatial Coverage: 

Adobe Flash may be required for state and country profile mapping utility


Data is available in a number of formats (HTML, XLS, PDF) dependent upon source and type.

Data Access: 

Freely available data on internet.