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The Eurobarometer program was launched in the early 1970s as a bi-annual public opinion survey ("repeated cross-section") in all member states of the European Union on behalf of the European Commission. The Eurobarometer survey series monitors attitudes toward the European Union amongst member states, as well as other social topics. During the 1990s the program expanded considerably in topics, frequency and instruments. Special topical modules enlarged the classic Standard Eurobarometer, establishing (multi-)topical add-on surveys under each wave. The EU Eastern enlargement was anticipated by the Central & Eastern Eurobarometer (1990-1997), later replaced by the Candidate Countries Eurobarometer (2001-2004). The Flash-Eurobarometer completes the program with small scale ad-hoc surveys.

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European Commission
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1970s to latest


The GESIS Eurobarometer  web site provides facilities for tracking topics, and trends through the series of over 500 surveys, as well as codebook search capabilities, and other survey related information.A European Commission web site provides access to printed reports based on the Eurobarometer surveys.


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UK academic users should order microdata through the UK Data Service.