Edinburgh College of Art Library Image Collection

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ECA Library Image Collection

The Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) Library Image Collection is a database of over 6,000 high-quality images, selected to support study and teaching at Edinburgh College of Art. The subject areas covered include Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Art and Design, including contemporary practice.

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Data Creator: 
University of Edinburgh
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11th Century - present

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A detailed summary is included with each image and an online help page is available.


Images from these databases may be used in lectures, seminars and presentations, and purely for the purpose of non-commercial research, private study, criticism or review.

Any presentation slides with these images should not be placed on a virtual learning environment (e.g. WebCT) or on webpages as this is considered to be dissemination and would infringe copyright. The images should be redacted before the presentation is shared.


Image files saved as .jp2 (JPEG 2000).

Data Access: 

Access is through the University of Edinburgh network either on campus or off campus via the VPN service.