Datastream Advance

Datastream provides current and historical global financial and economic information with over one billion data items from more than 175 countries and 60 markets spanning up to 40 years.

Datastream contains key datasets from both developed and emerging markets - equities, stock and bond market indices, company accounts, international macroeconomics, bonds, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, futures, commodities and derivatives.
The proprietary Windows-based software (Advance) allows network access to the Datastream server for retrieval, display and manipulation of the datasets directly onto on-screen or downloading into spreadsheets or other applications.


N.B. whereas DataStream previously included tools for subscribers of Thomson ONE to access it, access is now separate - see the Thomson ONE entry.

Spatial Coverage: 
Time Period: 

1965 - present (varies). Annual, monthly, weekly or daily (when available). Updated continuously.

Data Publisher:


Online help is available within the program menu.

Documentation for DataStream Advance 5.1 is available on the Thomson website:

Training is available at

Several volumes of hardcopy manuals from Datastream International Limited (now Thomson Reuters) are available from the Data Library: "Using Datastream Advance 4.0" (7 pp.) and "Using Datastream Advance for Office" (6 pp).

Further documentation may be found in the Datastream folder on the Start Menu on the computers in the uCreate suite on the first floor of the Main Library.

A Datastream Advance 4.0 tutorial is available from the Data Library or from the Thomson Financial Extranet. (Contact the Data Library for login information)

There are also a number of useful Datastream User Guides created by and available from other universities including:


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File Storage: 

Datasets available directly from the Datastream server.


Proprietary Windows-based software program (Advance 5.1). Query results are viewed as a spreadsheet or graphs and can be exported to a variety of applications including Microsoft Excel.

The Datastream-AFO plug-in enables data extractions (e.g. time series requests) to be run in an MS-Office (Excel) environment.

Data Access: 

University of Edinburgh Business School postgraduate students and staff can access DataStream via the computers in the Business School. Additional details on accessing DataStream at the University of Edinburgh.