Survey Question Bank (SQB)

The Survey Question Bank (formerly the ESRC Question Bank (Qb) hosted at the University of Surrey) isĀ  co-ordinated by the UK Data Archive (UKDA) at the University of Essex. The SQB provides access to the questionnaires, in PDF format, from a range of major UK social surveys conducted, for the most part, since the mid-1990s. These questionnaires - which are fully searchable - are displayed in their original context, allowing users to better understand the context in which a particular question was asked. The resource allows keyword searching of questionnaire items and provides links to survey documentation with exact pages of search terms noted. Useful for finding a variable or comparing question wording. Other content includes expert commentary on studies and key variables, bibliographies and web links. Actual data files not available.

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United Kingdom

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Freely available data on internet.